Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bloggy stuff

Okay, I've widened the blog- which I like a lot. I'm working on a new header, then we'll see about some color (maybe on the sides?) & maybe a font change?

The thing I like most about the white is how the pics POP! True about how it's a tad boring, which isn't me!AND thanks for the feedback guys- I dig it! Plus, 26 peeps read my blog! WOOT! Technically there are 5 days left to vote but most will come in the first 48 hours.

Thanks again guys!


Kristal said...

okay... number one, HOW THE FREAK DO YOU make it wider??? I hate how narrow mine is. And also... you should just find a tutorial about how to make your own background... that would be cool

Katie said...

Hate to be a copy cat, but I am wondering how to widen mine too. I have been hatin' how narrow mine is for awhile. Did you just use a new template, or somethin' else? I agree about pictures popping more on white - that is the one reason I have kept mine white for awhile.

Scott said...

Kristal you can widen your blog easy just by editing the HTML code. I can show you how to do it.

Debbie said...

I did the same with my private family blog. I widened it and it's on a black background cause I think that makes the pics pop too, although not as much as the white thats for sure. :)

I tried to play around with my public blog but I didnt want to spend all the time creating a background like the ones I could use for free, so I couldnt' widen it like I wanted. Hopefully some day I'll get around to it.

Good luck with yours. Sounds like you have some fun plans ahead.

tom + lisa said...

Have to admit, I'll kinda miss the green, (it was your 'thing')... but I'll survive. I like white blogs, I'm actually probably going to make mine white as well. Great minds.