Saturday, June 27, 2009

McDonald's Breakfast

I adore McDonald's Breakfast. From a young age, every Saturday morning my dad would walk with me to get breakfast so my mom could sleep in. So yummy!
My favorite = the sausage mcmuffin minus the egg

Anyone else love it? What's your favorite? I should try something new. I don't think I've had anything but this sandwich.


kaitlin said...

oh. my.
have you tried their cinnamon melts?
try them. love them.
and i always get the bacon egg biscuit. delish.

Mandi and Adam Galovan said...

I love McDonald's breakfast. The hashbrowns are my favorite. I could eat about five. I also really like Egg McMuffins.

EriKa said...

Let's just say that the people at McD knew us really well!! It was a serious problem...especially when I was in the throws of depression. It was my comfort food of choice. I Love a Sausage Biscuit with Cheese and a Sausage McGriddle.
Wow...maybe I should have kept that my little secret. Oh well!

Audra said...

I love the Sausage and Egg Busicuit with the hashbrowns... gotta love the hashbrowns!

Dad said...

It's true, you have a pretty good memory. We had a date every Saturday and inevitably you wanted to go to McDonalds. You would order the Big Breakfast and hardly eat a thing because you were exitedly talking about everything, but I would order the sausage biscuit without egg because I hate eggs. Interesting thing, memory.

Cindy said...

I get this one too, but I like the egg! :)