Monday, June 29, 2009

Reunion Dinner

What is the one things all the guys in this picture have in common?
That's right... they are all named Robert. All the males at our reunion dinner were named Robert- I dig it.

And here are the girls that were reuniting. I lived with these fabulous ladies back in college- Skyview #2!
Good food, good conversation, and fabulous people. It was a great night!
More pics here.


SO said...

Seriously?!? All those Roberts? Wasn't that confusing? Or did it just make things easier? Looks like fun!

benandcorinne said...

I grew up with Rob Nyland in my home ward! And I met his wife Stephanie last summer right before they were married! Way fun!

April Carter said...

Olivia, you look adorable...Happy Birthday today (:

James and Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Livie or as Jared likes to say "Libby"

Debbie said...

That has got to be the most Roberts I've ever seen (together). Way funny.

What a great time to hang out with old college gals. My old roomies and I were just talking a little reunion. So fun.