Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rob's 2nd birthday ideas

Hope this helps guys!

1. A pair of summer flip flops (size 8 with straps on the back)
2. Some new books for Berto (he loves dinos, bugs, & pirates)
3. Big Lego blocks
4. Anything active is good- like this rocking horse. Something that's just going to get out some energy
5. Some new art supplies- like watercolor paints
6. Maybe a pair of shorts - he had quite a few but it's an idea.
7. A couple polo shirts or dress shirts for church. He actually needs some casual tees too.
8. Rob loves cars and things that go. So, some fun cars (maybe a car mat)

As far as sizes, Rob's edging to a 3T already but a large 2T is good, but if it looks small 3T is better. Also, like I said in the book section, he like's pirates, bugs, & dinosaurs so anything involving those things will make him happy too.

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