Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portland's Powells Bookstore

I swear... I enter Powells Bookstore & its as if I've entered heaven.

Books as far as the eye can see.

Signed books, used books, old books, new books.

Every book that you can think of & stacks over stacks of them.

I wish I had one of these back home.

Though my family would likely never see me again.

No, seriously you DO need a map to navigate this place.


stephanie said...

We were just in Portland - we loved it! Seriously, we totally would move there.

Maybe you already know about these places, but I've been meaning to (highly) recommend them for your current Portland trip: Grilled Cheese Grill, get the jalepeno popper! And the Waffle Window (which is on the side of the Bread and Ink Cafe), get the chocolate dip waffle ice cream sandwich! Both are in Hawthorne. The best consignment shops are in Hawthorne, if you haven't been there yet, plus really sweet vintage stores.

Tara said...

Ok I am seriously jealous you got to go to Powell's books. I have been trying to track down this puzzle of a girl or boy anatomy - with all the different layers to it, bones, skin, digestive, etc. for months. If you happen to go back and happen to want to get one for me, I will happen to do whatever you want/need plus pay you back!!