Monday, August 31, 2009


So, after my incident with the curlers Syd had to do it too. She's just so darn cute!

She refused to keep them in for long so her hair just turn out a tad fuzzy, but she had fun!

Here's the complition of my curlers in my hair. I didn't post the picture because this was the only one I took & its terrible.

But since multiple people asked (even emailed) & I have no shame. I'll post it.

The curlers gave my hair A LOT of volume & soft curls at the bottom. I actually liked it.

UGH. My eye looks freaky & my nose looks large, but if you look close you'll see a picture from this photo shoot, a couple of my favorite teacups, & a set of these books.


Em and Russ said...

Looks Great! I sometimes wish that I had long hair so I could make it look pretty like that. Instead, my hair ends up looking like Syd's.

Katie said...

I love it too and I also wish for long hair so I could do stuff like that - but alas, even when my hair is long it won't do that.

Ashley said...

Very nice! I should try rollers again. How's your eye doing?

Olivia Carter said...

Much better, thanks for asking Ashley. Bleh... it just seems like a "dirty disease" to me. Like lice or something. I get so embarrassed. Scott thinks I'm insane.

But I have eye drugs & I'm doing just fine. It isn't nearly as bad as I remember it being when I was little. Funny how that happens.

Debbie said...

Love curly hair. You look HOTTT.
I wish I could do that every once in a while. I curl my hair and it literally lasts 10 minutes. After hours of curling I only get 10 minutes. Boo.

April Carter said...

Your hair looks beautiful and Syd will be doing this for real soon!

M said...

I agree--lovely hair indeed! Glad your eye is doing better. And, hi, why don't you live in DC!!! You've read about all the cool cultural things Holly and I do. We'd have so much fun doing them all together!

Esther Noelle said...

Love velcro rollers! Syd looks so cute! You should try the pink spongy ones on her - I always liked how they made me look like Shirley Temple!