Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Secret of NIMH

Okay, so the other day Scott was going through HULU movies and saw that they had the Secret of NIHM.

SCOTT: "Oh, do you remember this movie?"
ME: "Yeah, I kind of do."
SCOTT: "I remember it too."
ME: "But what's it about again?"
SCOTT: "Let's let them watch it and see."

Little did we know, that we remembered it because it was traumatizing and possibly the scariest freaking kid movie ever made!
And seriously, Rob loves it- "See of Nim" he says nearly everyday.

BERTO: "See of Nim."
ME: "Secret of NIMH? You want to watch it?"
BERTO: "Yeah, Yeah. It's too scary." (he furrows his brow shakes his head- it's very cute)
ME: "Too scary? Maybe we shouldn't watch it."
BRERTO: "Yes, yes, See of Nim. Please. Thank you." (he runs over to the couch and snuggles under his blankie)

He's going to take after his mama's love of being scared.

Does anyone else remember this movie? Does anyone remember how scary it was? If not I promise you have just blocked out of your subconscious, it's that freaky.


Sharon said...

My kids loved that movie. They still like scary and creepy ones. hope that you are feeling better. I hate summer colds.

M said...

Oh yes, I definitely remember this movie and how scary it was. In fact, that's all I remember about it--that it was very dark and very scary. Even as an adult, I don't know if I'd want to watch it again. Your comment that it was "traumatizing and possibly the scariest freaking kid movie ever made" is so true.

Amber said...

My nephew loves this movie and I despise it so much I wont let Reagan watch it... it's so scary... I dont even like it as a grown adult.

Kristal said...

Matt and I had the same conversation a few months ago before we watched this... what a strange show. Luckily, my college degree in health education helped me to FINALLY realize what NIMH was... hahaha. At least its good for one thing

Mike Kessler said...

I never saw it but wanted to because I heard it was good, though it came out when I was an adult. Partly I wanted to see it because NIMH was on the NIH campus, outside Washington, DC, in Bethesda, MD. Do you know what that means? That's right, you grew up right down the street from NIMH! Even scarier!

Cindy said...

Oh yes... this is a very scary show... Alot of Disney shows scared me though... (I'm a wuss when it comes to scary things...).

Debbie said...

We did the same thing last year. My hubby got it for the kids movie night and none of us really were digging it afterall. The kids were done rather quickly. Kinda funny how you have good memories of it until you revisit it. haha.

Mike Kessler said...

Just remembered something -- you and Scott were visiting your Dad and I years ago, before the kids were born. (Maybe when you did your DC internship.) I don't remember the movie now, but I wanted to share a sweet film I remembered from when I was a real young. Only when I played it for all of you, it wasn't as sweet as I remembered. Not blasphemous or dirty, but not as sweet and innocent as I'd remembered, and I was a bit embarrassed. Funny how our memories clean movies up for us when time passes.

Nae said...

That's funny. I found it on Hulu as well, and made my hubby watch it the other day. The owl always scared me ... the one that eats the crunchy spider. Is that right? (As you can tell I didn't pay proper attention to it as I forced my hubby to watch.) I love watching I Dream of Jeanie on there ... Hulu is great ...