Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peter Pan

I checked out Peter Pan from the library yesterday & just began reading it. It's such a great little book. I've never read the read the original before & it's just a lovely read.

Not to mention the sweet little pictures throughout the thing. Lovely illustrations. Berto was an especially excited about the pirate pictures.


Esther Noelle said...

You should see Finding Neverland... also lovely... ;)

James said...

Good movie, that.

Check out Peter Pan in Scarlet. It is the officially authorized sequel from the author's estate. A lovely read.

The Never Fairy said...

Hooray for Peter Pan and cool pictures!

I didn't like Scarlet because it had a bunch of mistakes in it as compared to Barrie's original stories. I don't think an 'official' sequel shoud do that.
There's a Pan novel that's based on Barrie's notes for more, though... click my name to see :)

April Carter said...

I love the original Peter Pan. But Dustin Hoffman made a great Captain Hook...didn't like Julia Roberts in Hook