Friday, October 30, 2009

Payless & Oprah Coupon

As some of you may have heard Oprah is offering people a 50% off coupon for everything at Payless for yesterday & today only. I just wanted to spread the word to anyone who didn't know. Sorry this is a tad late.

I bought the kids each a pair of boots, me a pair of cute shoes, some kiddo socks, & a spiderman backpack for Rob for Christmas- all 50% off. Check it out!

Did anyone else enjoy the sale today? What did you get?


kaitlin said...

yeahhh. we got fun things.
2 pairs of shoes, a purse, and a scarf :)

M said...

Hey Liv, Big favor to ask. Can you use the influence of your high-traffic blog to help my friend Kate build her photography business? See my blog for the details


Cindy said...

Oh Darn! I wish I would have seen this earlier!! I LOVE bargins! Hooray for you!

lindsey said...

I got 3 pair of shoes for lily, 1 for Mayan (my unborn child :) and 2 for me. 42 bucks. gotta love it.

Katie said...

I got three pairs for me, church shoes for Colin and Gabe, school shoes for Colin, socks, and a pair for Chad. Happy Happy Day.

Christie said...

2 for Elizabeth, 1 for Amelia, and 1 for Jeb

Olivia Carter said...

Kaitlin- And we got matchy shoes. We both must have great taste!

M- Yes, I'll check it out & get on it!

Cindy- dang it! Sorry you missed out! It was a big sale. Some stores were like cleaned out!

Lindsey- I know! I think ours was about $42 & we had $10 as a Halloween present to Syd & Rob from their greatgrandma so they got boots for Halloween.

Katie- Wow, what a haul! I know, I texted Scott who was out of town to ask him if he wanted anything from Payless. he's like a dress shirt & jeans. HA! Sorry buck-o!

Christie- So glad to hear so many peeps got in on the deal. It must be in the Jeppson genes!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I printed a coupon off and thought if I had time before our huge trip I'd run over. Well I ran over at 9:45am (read 15 min after store opened) and there were a gazillion people in there. We got a bunch of shoes. It was bittersweet for my wallet. Haha.