Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preschool Party: Thinking & Feeling

If you are not in the least bit interested in "pre" preschool activities this might not be the post for you.

But you just to hold your attention here are a couple embarrassing pictures of me...


We had a FAB "Preschool Party" with Es & Robby. I taught today & we learned about "Thinking & Feeling" & our next letter in the alphabet C (remember letter 'A' pretzels?)

We first did THINKING. So, we learned critical thinking by cleaning up paperclips with magnets & a pan/brush to see what was easier.

Then we read "All the Thinks you can Think" by Dr. Suess & played pretend dress-ups. The kids LOVED the dress-up part. I also made them masks of each kid & we pretended/thought about what it was like to be each person (kind of like our Inauguration Party masks)
Then we did the letter 'C' as in cat. So I dressed like a cat, we drew cat whiskers with face paint on everyone, colored cats & the letter 'C', & ate cat shaped Peeps (see embarrassing pictures above)

The last part was learning about FEELINGS. We read a cute book called Feeling by Aliki. Then we played different types of music and painted with fingerpaints seeing how our painting & feelings changed depending on the type of music playing.

The play list:
Pachelbel's Canon in D (classical)
The Addams Family Song (funny)
Cosmic Girl by Jomiroquai (dance)
When you were Young by the Killers (rock)
Funky Bluesy ABC's by Taj Mahals (blues)

Then for lunch we made homemade mini pizzas. Which were quite tasty, easy, & everyone gets what they want on it (premade dough in the refrigerated dough section).

If you're interested we use The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers. LOVE IT!

And we did a bunch more activities so if you want to hear what we did or brainstorm ideas in the "thinking & feeling" section let me know!


Debbie/ Cranberry Fries said...

Look how super fun you guys are! I loved doing preschool with my daughter. There is just something so gratifying about being your kids teacher/playmate. We had homemade pizza's yesterday. Yum!

Amber said...

Reagan would LOVE your preschool as it appears as though clothes are optional =) Great ideas!!!

Esther Noelle said...

Clothes are optional... ahhhh love it!!! Not only are they optional but are generally taken off for a good chunk of time depending on the activity! :) That was a fun day! You did such a great job planning tons of awesome activities! Another successful day!

Katie said...

That is the same book we are using in our little preschool!

Looks like you are doing a great job. It seems perfect for kids that age.

Olivia Carter said...

Debbie- too true! I love the feeling of teaching them as they play. Learning is supposed to be fun. That's kind of what scares me about sending them to school. Eeekk!

Amber- HA! Yes, & they were on and off at various times. Mostly b/c we fingerpainted and didn't have covers so we just stripped. Heck, we're almost family! :)

But the Carter family is a VERY clothing optional family! (although its coming to bite my in the bum- Rob tries to take his clothes off EVERYWHERE we go)

Esther- it was so good- I did forget to do the pointing out the letter C in words thing. DANG IT!

Katie- yes, it's an amazing book. Rob's a little young but I don't believe in forcing him to do something he doesn't want to. There's a time & place for that. Right now forcing him to learn isn't. "Learning Through Play" is what Es & I always say. But, yes, it's so good!

Cindy said...

You guys are so cleaver and it looks like SO much fun!! I wish wish wish I could be there with you to do this with Jack. I'm just dying to do something like this for him but it's no fun on your own. Way to go Liv!!