Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Oh, pumpkin carving! One of my very favorite Halloween activities. This year we invited the Schmitts over for treats & cider while we carved & the kids painted the pumpkins.

The kids had so much fun & I think I might have at least tied Scott this year for pumpkin carving. Past years I've been dominated by his carving skills (2007 here & 2008 here) but at least this year our pumpkins look cute together.


Smithy said...

i love the jack pumpkin

M said...

Awesome carving skilz! both of your pumpkins look fantastic.

PS Malea (?) looks slightly psycho in that last pick, grinning and holding a big knife up next to her hubby. Watch out for that one come Halloween night. :)

April Carter said...

I like your nightmare pumpkin. Love the kids...and of course Scott learned his skills young;

Katie said...

You chose the same pattern as Colin! His not longer looks like that because he kept carving even after he was done, but that is pretty cool! Don't you love pumpkin carving?

Olivia Carter said...

Smithy- Thanks! I thought he was cute too!

Malea- I know just after this pic so took one where she really looks crazy. She's the best!

April- I know! He's amazing!

Katie- Pumpkin carving is the best! Literally one of my favorite Halloween activities!

Cindy said...

Great pumpkins! I like yours the best. It reminds me of "Nightmare Before Christmas". Am I thinking of the right movie?