Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The story of the BLACK GRANDMA

When we were on our family vacation at Tahoe we had not only Scott's mom (grandma) but Scott's grandma (great G/ma D). We kept calling them both grandma.

ME: "Hey, Syd do you want to go with Grandma to the store?"
SYD: "Black Grandma?"
ME: "Who?"
SYD: "My Black Grandma." (nodding very sure of herself)
ME: "Who is your black grandma?"
SYD: "Her!" (she points to Scott's mom)

For the life of me I couldn't figure out why she was calling her Black Grandma. Until I noticed she was wearing a black shirt.

ME: (pointing to G/ma D) "Who is that?"
SYD: "Blue Grandma." (G/ma D was wearing blue)

Now, for when ever we talk about April, no matter what she is wearing, Syd calls her Black Grandma. We've been trying to make the switch to Gabba, but it's not an easy task with a willfull daughter.
P.S. Silly picture of April, I know. But it's funny & come on' we all need a lil' laugh now & then.


brooke said...

That's a cute story...

My mom's name is Ava so she is grandma Ava. Edward's mom is Karena... but she is called Grandma Toby because her pugs name is Toby.

Three Kids and a Mommy said...

love that picture, even if it isn't the actual black grandma! BTW, it's beal if you want to look at the pics.

Lindsay Jane said...

I love that they call April Black Grandma - so, so funny.

Olivia Carter said...

Brook- That's so cute. Grandma Toby! I need to meet those kids of yours!

Three- Oh good! Thanks! I'll remember now!

Linds- I know people totally think it's weird. With good reason.

Kristal said...

Ah, black grandma. I just don't think that gabba will stick with a nickname like that. By the way, you went to Guilin?!? I guess I didn't realize how popular it was, we live like two hours away! If you went there coming from the east then you probably went right through our little town! And we aren't really spending too much time there, we are going a little ways out of the town, probably what you were talking about? Crazy beans I tell you! What other places did you go? You'll have to tell me about the sweetest ones!

Smithy said...

sophie used the nicknames black grandma and black grandpa almost 9 years ago. in our case, it was most definitely racial. although black grandma is Samoan and black grandpa is Navajo

Christie said...

Somehow Elizabeth started calling both Grandpas "Pocker"

April Carter said...

Ok, I guess there are much worse names for me to be called...like Matt wants to call me " Granny Nutso" and Pocker...not sure I want to be called that.(:

Audra said...

Mu Aunt's grandkids call her "black grandma" because she has dark brown almost black hair and their other grandma is blonde. She just rolls with it ;)

Olivia Carter said...

Kristal- I know I think Black grandma is here to stay- I'm working on it though. And yes, loved Guillin. Let me good read my China journals & remember those great places I loved & I'll email yoU!

Smithy- That's right I remember that! And hilarious that they are from different families too.

Christie- Pocker??? That's so funny!

April- I agree. People think it's the coolest nickname ever.

Audra- Yeah, you just have to roll with it. Just laugh at all.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Ahhh....cute story! I was so curious about that!

Esther Noelle said...

I love that story! Makes me die laughing!