Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny Berto

Let me start with the fact that I really don't like masks at Halloween. I think I must have been traumatized as a child or something.

So, when Berto's Spiderman costume came with a mask I hid it & instead let him wear a Spiderman beanie.

Now that Halloween is over I decided to put it in the dress up box & he put it on yesterday.

ME: "Okay, Berto let me take your picture. Show me what Spiderman does."
BERTO: "Okay, like a Spiderman!"

And he strikes this pose....

Yes, he folds his arms like we're saying a prayer and tilts his head in a passive aggressive sort of way. Literally now every time I ask what does Spiderman do he poses like this.

I'm guessing that what he's really doing is crossing his arms across his chest & tilting his head in a tough gangster sort of way.

P.S. Am I alone with the mask thing?


April Carter said...

I wonder what evil look is in his eyes when he is behind the mask in that pose? I think it is brillant...make them think you are weak and then..strike!

Olivia Carter said...

April- Right! He's a genius!

anelieze said...

hilarious! :)