Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gnomes vs. Dwarfs

I was at the a party store the other day (possibly looking at New Moon party stuff... no I'm not weird) & while perusing the cake section is saw a pack of gnomes!

"Gnomes!" exclaimed clapping me hands together... probably looking like a tad insane.

However, upon closer inspection I realized that the garden shoves & wheelbarrow I thought the gnomes were carrying were in fact mining tools (but in my defense one is carrying a rake & the other a watering can- classic gnome accessories, right?).

And there was a tall black-haired girl included in the pack. Curses... not gnomes. But dwarfs.

But I bought it anyway. Subtract the maiden & they totally look like garden gnomes.

It was a pretty exciting find (yeah, that pretty much tells you how exciting my life is).


Smithy said...

those totally look like gnomes.

Leah said...

Maybe the fairy tale really was Snow White and 7 Garden Gnomes. At least it should have been.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

From the looks of that picture they are no longer in a package but at home on a beautiful piece of fabric. You bought them and you're gonna chuck that weird looking snow white in a white wedding/prom dress out the window aren't you? :)

Ashley said...

Saw this today and thought of you


Anonymous said...

Try this site. I think they have the Twilight things you are looking for.


April Carter said...

The only good dwarfs are the 7 dwarfs..and Gimmli ? from Lord of the Rings

Olivia Carter said...

Smithy- WOOT! And I get to see you tomorrow!

Leah- Genius! Maybe that's the book I should be writing!

Debbie- Oh yes, I totally bought them. If it's got gnomes or gnome like creatures it's hard for me to resist. And the wedding dress Snow White is now in the hands of Sydney.

Ashley- Thats rad! I totally need one- thanks for thinking of me!

Cher- WHOA! That place is FULL of cool stuff in corresponding colors too. Love it. Although why where UNO cards in there. Did I miss a scene in those books where UNO was played?

April- HA! Too true, too true.