Friday, November 20, 2009

NEW MOON: the movie

Oh, you guys... what a fabulous night!

We did dinner at our favorite "girls night" locale Chili's. We had a blast in our matching shirts; eating, chatting, & getting excited for the evening.

Then it was off to Esther's house to watch Twilight & get our movie goody bags together (more on this but a preemptive thanks for all of Debbie's help). Had a blast watching it &, gosh, that movie makes me laugh.

Then off to the theater. Wow, the line was CRAZY! Renting it was the way to go. We were worried we wouldn't be able to sell all the tickets but we got them all sold & had a GREAT group there. Everyone got a "goody/swag bag" & then we had a raffle for some bigger items (more on that to come too!)

Now for LIV'S REVIEW OF NEW MOON! I would recommend NOT reading this part if you haven't seen the movie & don't want to know anything about it going in (which is how I like to go into movies).

First off... I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was compared to Twilight. As I've said before Twilight is like a "B movie"- so bad it's good. New Moon is like a "real"-ly good movie.

A couple of my favorite parts:

1) JACOB: I was shocked by what a great actor Jacob was. I figured he would only be the right body for the part but he played each moment perfectly & solidified my "Team Jacob" feelings.

2) ACTION: The action was done the way I imagined it when I read it. It was intense & so good. The wolves looked great & the wolf pack scenes were among my favorite.

3) TRUE TO THE BOOK: Didn't you think they did a great job keeping VERY close to the book? They took only a few liberties & still got everything in there. Dialogue straight from the book & the key moments I really wanted to see.

Things that bugged me: The Cullen's contact lens' bugged me the whole time. They were more subtle in Twilight & I liked that more. The strange vision Alice had of Eward & Bella frolicking in period clothes. Lastly, this is totally bizzaro but, Alice's outfit in the Volerta scene- kind of matronly. (These small parts are NOTHING compared to Twilight where I complained about bad CGI, laughing at serious parts, & cheesiness)

All in all, I thought it was MUCH better than I expected & was jolly good fun!

TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT? What were your favorite scenes? (a few of my fav's were: the car scene with Jacob, the biker guy scene with Jessica, the movie scene with the two boys)

P.S Two of my favorite reviews Brodi Ashton (who came to our theater) gave an awesome blog post about New Moon by the Numbers AND my new blog friend Joan's review was spot on. I agreed with every assessment.


Marsha said...

How fun! Love, love, love the t-shirts! Did you make them or order them? I'm going to see New Moon next week with some friends & would love to surprise them with some very cool t-shirts.

Cody and Kylie said...

This movie made me switch teams completely. Seeing it all portrayed right in front of me, just made me realize how much I LOVE JACOB BLACK! Plus, I think Taylor is just about the most talented of the crew. The same parts bugged me, I would have to give you a huge DITTO! All in all, great movie! And thanks for everything, I had such a great time, and it was awesome getting to meet someone from my blogging world! :)

Jennifer Wege said...

I have always been Team Jacob and seeing it on the screen made me even more so! Taylor was AMAZING!

I agree with you on the things you disliked. Alice's clothes were crazy! She looked almost like she was trying to hide a pregnancy. (Remember Courtney Cox at the end of Friends?)

In regards to Alice's vision (SPOILERS OF BREAKING DAWN...) I think it was the scene where Edward first goes hunting with Bella after she changes...just a thought.

Malea said...

Hurray!! We had so much fun, didn't we!? And the movie was SO good! I can't wait to see it again. I totally agree with your review. WAY better than Twilight, and mmmm let's pretend it's not gross to think Taylor Lautner was hot. I loved the rain scene. His acting was amazing and he looked so good.

Joan said...

LOOOVE Jessica! She is hilarious! The biker guy scene when she's like, "Yeah, they look like great guys?!" haha.
And how CUTE are you to put a link to my blog on your blog? You are such a sweetheart.
Gosh, I wish I could have joined your Twi looks like you guys really know how to have fun! :) "Swag bags?" How rad is that?

Em and Russ said...

I loved your shirts! They were SWEEEETTT! I have always been on Team Jacob, and that movie showed the world why he is so much better than Edward. I loved the movie scene, I was laughing my head off, when Jacob and Mike both had their hands outstretched!! : ) Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Olivia Carter said...

Marsha- Thanks! I'll Facebook you the info on the shirts!

Kylie- It was SO FUN to meet you too! And I agree Taylor was by far the best actor.

Jennifer- Yeah, I've always been a JACOB TEAM gal myself. Glad to know someone else is!

Malea- The rain scene was so good! And I'm glad you had fun too!

Joan- I know! Jessica is a great character! All the human's do such a great job with the lil' parts they have.

Em- I'm so glad you are a TEAM JACOB! I know, the movie did SUCH a great job with him!

April Carter said...

Dad and I went to see it last night here in Monterey. I was glad the theater was filled with 12 yr old girls...made it more fun. They did a good job of making the boring Bella depression time..this was my least fav book because Bella made me crazy. I loved Jacob and Sam didn't seem as evil in the movie as they made him at first in the book. Dad thought it had too much moody pouting faces and long slow scenes. But he liked the Voltaire and the wolves. He wanted more of Italy. We had fun and I love your La Push shirts. Looks like you girls had a blast. That is what makes a movie like this fun.

Katie said...

Looks like sooo much fun!! Love the t-shirts.

greeniejoey said...

I have to agree with you about the period clothing...well, the whole theater was laughing about that part. Loved Jacob!!! Only if I was ten years younger and famous, I think we would have a shot together! lol. Love your blog Liv..

arlinda smith aka greeniejoey

Esther Noelle said...

So goooooooood! LOVED IT! Can't wait to see it again! Like... now! Wanted them to kiss in the truck like that picture shows, and the part with Jessica and her getting on the bike was one of my fav parts too - love that song!

Audra said...

Ditto on everything you said. Loved that it followed the book. I had just re-read New Moon, and to see it even being word for word at times was great! I loved the ackward hand scene... SO true to life! I agree about the contacts and I need to add poor Jasper's "looks-like the 80s early 90s Relief Society cut that old women wear hair". The Jasper in my head is a whole lot more good looking ;)! Bella bothered me in the first movie and this time I really liked her portrayal of her :)!

Cindy said...

You ladies are SO dang cute!! I LOVE the t-shirts!!! How can I get one!?? I miss all the fun things you ladies put together! I STILL haven't seen the movie... I'm going on Tuesday with my sisters and mom. Fun... but just not the same as going with you die hard fans!!! LOVE YA!

Cindy said...

Okay, so I've seen it twice now and I REALLY liked it! I have to say, I agree with you! I'm even more team Jacob now. He was SO cute in the movie and just so sweet and charming. Love him! I'm happy they stayed with him because I did not like him at all after Twilight. That outfit Alice was wearing was AWFUL!! I noticed it too and was like... what is she wearing? Am I that out of it that I don't even get the outfit? I know I don't have a lot of fashion since but that was just bad. And the contacts didn't bug me as much as the extreeeem white make-up. I thought it was over the top this time... I thought Edward was cute in the first movie but I did not see his cuteness in this movie at all. Anyway, LOVED it! Can't wait 'til Eclipse! And its in the summer so I'm coming to see it with you girls!!!