Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ode to China & a Big Mac

Today I had a coupon & so I went out on the town for a Big Mac.

I haven't had a Big Mac since I lived in China (I don't think I had a Big Mac before I went to China either). I tell you guys, one bite & I was transported back to China 2001.

I remember we used to get Big Mac's & chocolate shakes because it was one time we could get dairy. In Wuhan (where I lived) the McD's had 10 cashiers standing there waiting for someone to come in. Literally standing like statues at their cash registers. It was hard to decide which one to pick. They all had huge smiles on their faces that said, "Choose me, choose me!"

Then we'd sink into one of the sea of empty booths (because almost no one but foreigners ate there in our city) & enjoyed the greasy cheesy goodness.

After finishing your food & standing to throw it away, there was another worker standing by the trash can waiting to grab your tray away from you & throw it in.

Then as we'd leave there would be an employee to hold the inside door open for us.

And lest you think they'd waste yet another job, 3 feet away was another uniformed guy to hold the outside door open for you too.

Oh, China... how I love & miss you (Can you spot me in the pic below? I'm the one in the red sleeved baseball t-shirt & ugly knees)

P.S. If you guys are interested in hearing my sister&brother-in-law's awesome China adventure's check out their blog. Every post makes me want to be in China again.


Cindy said...

Oh, I think you look so cute...

Katie said...

You DO look cute. I love hearing stories about China, I really do. Great post. Someday I am going!! I have to if I am going to have three kids who speak the language.

Olivia Carter said...

Cindy- Ah, thanks. I look the same. it's kind of scary really. I still have scary knees.

Katie- Thanks Katie. I'm always jealous at how well you write long posts on your blog. I'm intimidated by writing long posts. That's SOOOO NEAT that your kids will speak Chineese. I'm jealous! I could count with them & barter for dumplings. That's about it.

April Carter said...

Wish you could go with us to visit the kids in Feb. But watch out for those Big Macks!

Smithy said...

oh man... i haven't had a big mac since china either!!

it's mc donald's chicken nuggets that i really love though

Kristal said...

You guys had one in your CITY?! thats not even fair... our closest is like three hours in Guilin! Every time we go there, its glorious. We are on the phone with Scott right now and I can't wait til you get home to converse with you about China!

marissa said...

it's so funny how we're willing to eat crappy American food in other countries but not so much back home haha

Em and Russ said...

Look how young you were! You don't even look old enough to be in China all on your own. Super cute picture!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Oh my gosh how funny. I dislike my knees too.

what a fun memory of china. I remember going to McD's in england. It was so weird the extra stuff on the menu.

Olivia Carter said...

April- Don't worry. I don't make Big Mac's a habit & I wish I was coming too!

Smithy- I know WILD huh? I like the nuggets too. It's the ONLY thing Scott will eat from McD's.

Kristal- It was SO good talking to you. We miss you like MAD!

Marissa- no kidding. So weird. But man, nothing like some dairy after you've missed it for months!

Em & Russ- I know, I look back and think, "could I do that with my kids?" but you just gotta trust 'em. i came back alive. With an intestinal bug, ear infection, & skin rash, but alive.

Debbie- Glad to know i'm not alone. Scott thinks I'm crazy. yeah, China had a hamburger with egg on it. not a breakfast burger but a real hamburger with an over easy egg. So weird.

Esther Noelle said...

It was great to enjoy the big mac goodness together with you! :)