Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Courtis-Watters Illustrated Dicitonary

Oh man, you can't beat 50 cents at the local Thrift Store. Plus Syd is in love with this book (she's had a thing lately for big books that have pictures in it).

The illustrations are just great. There is just something about the 2 different types of "chest" pictures that makes me giggle & I sort of want that 1950's nursery.

Thankful she can't read it yet. It's woefully out of date (obviously since it's from 1951).

I mean check out the occupations page. Apparently women are cashier's, dressmakers, or a secretary (oh, or a model for the artist).

And I love that an elevator operator is an occupation.

Then there is the perpetuation of stereotypes: the judges has glasses & a mustache, the chef is chubby, the reporter is smoking, & the miner, soldier, pilot, woodsman, & cowboy are all the same "chiseled-jaw-manly-man" guy.

Thank you 1951 dictionary for a good laugh & for entertaining Syd for an hour+.


Ashley said...

That is so rad. I totally want one. Ever wonder what we will look back on and laugh about 40 years from now? Like what would the stereotype pictures be? Hmmm, should be fun to see!

Olivia Carter said...

Ash- I know! So cool! It's true I can't wait to see what our books look like when we're 60 or 70. Hilarious!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Ok you really do find such fab stuff there. How often do you guys go? Or do you just find a bunch at once and share periodically?

Esther Noelle said...

Love the occupations! Ha ha ha! Definitely worth $.50!

Olivia Carter said...

Debbie- Yes, I got about once a week (stuff circulates so fast there's always new fab stuff) & I've developed a pretty good eye. I also look past whatever it is & think with some altering or paint it could be a treasure. LOVE IT!

Es- I know... can't beat the good ol' thrift store!

April Carter said...

I use to have one of these when I was a child. I loved looking at the pictures and reading about things..and I was born in 1955.

Cindy said...

I want to take a peek at that book!