Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ikea Hemnes Bed

I went to Ikea the other day. My ONLY reason for going was that it was so cold, my kids were stir crazy & they had a babysitting/play area for Syd & Rob to run around in.

So, I dropped them off & wandered around Ikea. That's when I ran into the Hemnes bed:

Then I thought back to my metal base / no frame bed at home & thought, "It's on sale & it's yellow".

But, I just reminded myself that there are A LOT of other things we need before a bed & maybe Scott could make me something like this someday.

But just look at it, isn't it lovely (and yellow):

I think it shows amazing self restraint that I only came home with was this cute little Snartig vase .79 cents. Can't really beat that price.

But I have a feeling I'm going to be dreaming about the lovely Hemnes bed for many weeks to come.

Because let's be honest, things on sale & things painted yellow happen to be two of my favorite things.


Sandi said...

dude, i love that bed! wish i lived closer to ikea, but it's probably a really good thing that i don't.

Katie said...

I have been eyeing that bed, and I have that vase too! I love it with one little blossom in it, or even one giant blossom! Look!

You have great taste ;o)

M said...

Seriously. I love all things Ikea. My bed is similar to that one, only taller and dark brown wood. I adore it. Also b/c I love sleeping.

Esther Noelle said...

Whoa whoa you took them to the Ikea play area? How'd they do? I want to hear about it!

Olivia Carter said...

Sandi- Yes, it's gorgeous & living 30 min away is WAY too close for me!

Katie- Great minds think alike!

M- YES! And I love your bed too & the new color.

Es- Yes, I did. They did really well & loved it. Rob was tall enough so Robby would be. We need to all go together sometime!

monica said...

that bed is great. i like how it has an essence of like the 1600's. there are so many fun things you can do with hang cute/cool dangly garlands down it...can you picture it? i can. like for special occasions. i want it.

April Carter said...

Good girl. I think Scott could make you one easy. He takes after his Dad. Plus you can make it any size you want.

Olivia Carter said...

Monica- I KNOW! You are o right- I'd love some lights around it or something. Ugh. I want it!

April- I know... I can't wait until summer when it won't be so cold & he can do a bunch of work outside too.

Audra said...

If I had the money I would re-do my whole house in Ikea stuff. This is written by the woman who is writing at her Ikea table/desk that is flanked by 2 of the "box" shelves. Love me some Ikea. The problem is, I have a lot of really nice hand-me-down furniture, so to sell it to buy all things Ikea would be imprudent, wrong, and not the right thing to do in this economy :)!