Thursday, January 7, 2010

Next time we have a baby...

This is not an announcement, nor a statement of intent. I'm just saying that when/if the Carter's have more babies we have plenty of clothes, blankets, bedding for a boy or a girl (infact I don't think we'll find out what the sex is).

But there are a couple things that I will be wanting & will be spending more money on this time around.

1) A wood play gym

We had a ghetto farm animal $5 one but my kids LIVED for the play gym & it was always out. I will definitely be looking for a nicer looking one. This Ikea is pretty darn cute.

2) A simple bouncey chair

This is another item my babies LOVED & was out in our living room all the time- but it was hideous. I want a simple & pretty one, free from animals or other ugly prints.

3) A Rocker

This is one item I would have loved to have with both my babies. The next one we will definitely need to get a rocker. I love this rocker which was refurbished & recovered to match the nursery.

1) A lovely diaper bag

I had a couple great diaper bags, but if we had enough $ next time around, I'm pretty much in love with this Petunia Picklebottom bag. The look of a gorgeous vintage bag, but with all the stuff you need in a diaper bag. Pure genius!

What did you guys love/couldn't live without or will want with your next one?


Kristie said...

A swing. Both of my girls just loved it! We had to have one, and it was my life saver.
Something we have done without, and I have not even noticed was the big traditional highchair. We have two "booster" chairs that attach to the actual dinning room chair. And they work better than I thought they would!

Katie said...

I didn't start using a sling before Gabe, but I just love that thing now. Well, not now...when I have infants who don't climb and claw like my baby does now.

I like swings too, and it is funny because the most effective one we had was the one we used on Colin - it was one of those old wind-up ones that click every time they swing, and they swing with a ton of power. They probably aren't "safe" anymore, but man that thing worked so well.

Mandi and Adam Galovan said...

An exersaucer! Love it! It's definitely a staple after about 4 months old. Both of our kids would sit in that thing for a good long time while we ate dinner, did dishes, or a number of other things.
We've never had a bouncer, but we're searching for a cheap one for this baby. We borrowed a swing when we had Cameron, but he never really liked it. Every time we put Brooke in one, she didn't really like it either.
I used my Snugli (the front pack kind) all the time with Brooke and several times with Cameron. Definitely a good item to have around.

Olivia Carter said...

Kristie- We had a nice looking swing but neither of my babies took to it they way they did the bounce-y vibrate-y chair. And I never had a high chair either just a booster & loved it.

Katie- YES! A sling! I only had one once ROb was older but still liked it. I think I'd try one of those front warp things next baby too.

Mandi- Oh my goodness how could I forget the excersaucer. That thing was RAB. My kids loved it too. They need to make a good lookin' one of those now!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I can't think of any must haves. We had a bouncy swing and a swing to entertain when mommy needed to do stuff. I had a super functional diaper bag that was very husband friendly (since I made him carry it sometimes too). I always thought I'd want a baby carrier (like the backpack you put the kid in so you can have your hands free) but I finally got one with #3 and never ever used it. I just couldn't get used to it.

monica said...

i dont care how cute or functional a bag is, it should never cost over a hundred let alone over three hundred! well that is my thought anyway.

Anonymous said...

I know with my first 11 children all I needed was a fenced in yard and a bale of hay to keep them entertained. Now a days, having babies is a rather fancy affair... I think for the next few I would like to have some of them newfangled diapers. It was sure an awful mess to always be cleaning up after them.

Olivia Carter said...

Debbie- Yeah, when those babies first come they need some diapers, some onesies, & a swaddle blanket. You don't need so much hub, bub.

Monica- Oh but Monica, it's so pretty. I do have to agree with you, I said, "if we had the $" which will be never. HA! Thrift stores here I come- gotta find a replica.

Anonymous- Thanks for the laugh!

Cindy said...

I say go for it! I love the diaper bag. I've always settled on ones that are just a little less expensive than the one I REALLY want. Now I have 3 diaper bags that only like a little. :(

Olivia Carter said...

Cindy- I do that with EVERYTHING! Instead of getting what I really want I get the cheap version so I can get more, then don't love it. I'll do better next baby.

April Carter said...

My mother!