Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update for Non-Twiter & Non-Facebook followers

Thanks for all the concern guys. Thankfully the illusive battery has passed.

I was dilligent in my poop searching, but when I was gone Saturday morning Rob flushed his turds before Scott could search it.

So, when we hadn't found it we had to go back for another x-ray. And, praise the heavens above, the battery was gone & I don't have to search anymore excrement.

Good pooping buddy!


Susan said...

Yay Berto! Awesome job, Buddy!

Just SO said...

Now that is something to celebrate!

Katie said...


Your kids are just so cute.

Kristal said...

hurray! too bad he didn't get any super powers from the radioactivity.

That Syd sure is a skinny little girl isn't she?

Esther Noelle said...

So glad you survived this!!! How stressful!

Olivia Carter said...

Susan- Yes, he's a good pooper. It's one of his biggest jobs around the house.

Just SO- Seriously, I should be having a party for the lil man or something!

Katie- Thanks... they are cute. When they aren't eating batteries.

Kristal- I know... Scott said the same thing. Syd is normal but looks skinny next to Berto especially

Es- It's interesting how diff circumstances are stressful to different people depending on their stress meter, you know? This actually wasn't too bad. Thank goodness!