Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dark Divine Cake

My friend Debbie just had an awesome Cake Decorating contest in the theme of the book she's on the street team for- The Dark Divine (What's that? You haven't read it yet? Get thee forth and read!)

Anyway, I told her I'd TOTALLY do one & then procrastinated until the last day, when I'm of course deathly ill, but I finished it.

I realize that it's not technically "decorated" because even though I've taken a cake decorating class I'm NO GOOD. Seriously. They gave me a certificate & everything. I put them to shame.

I was also in a NyQuil induced stupor so instead they got a 4 layer cake w/ chocolate frosting (because the author often mentions her love of chocolate) in shades of "Dark Divine purple".

Now, who's going to come eat it. Because I haven't mentioned this but I'm trying to have some semblance of health in my life & a 4 layer fudge-y chocolate cake doesn't exactly meet those health requirements.

I'll even mail it. Just lemme know.

Over and Out.

P.S. Go vote & check out the other WAY prettier/legitimately decorated cakes here !


lexylou said...

I have not heard of that book. Must check it out...
Gosh that look's good, do you think it would look that good after being shipped all the way up to Canada? LOL
What's wrong with eating all that deliciousness?! I had chocolate cake for breaky actually! It was darn good.
Check your email box lady, I sent four message's but the last two the most recent are the one's with the correct and resized button's. I tried them out and they work. Just copy and paste the whole code to html gadget! xoxo Lexy

monica said...

i think(think) that would be kinda cool to have something like this as your wedding i am a SUCKER for shades of one color.

oh and it looks delicious.

Ashley said...

Man, I'd take it off your hands!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

A) love your cake. B) How come you get to look so stinkin beautiful when you say you're so ill? Not fair my friend. Not fair at all.

Olivia Carter said...

Lexylou- Definitely recommend checking it out & I did get your email. Thanks for the help!

Monica- Thanks! You are always nice to me &, yes, it would be a gorgeous and terribly creative wedding cake. I don't think I've ever seen a "wedding" cake like this. I'd dig it.

Ashley- I wish I could mail it. Seriously, it's just sitting here tempting me. :)

Debbie- Oh gosh, you are nice. You see how blurry the "camroid" pics are? That's probably why you think I look good, 'cause I'm really greasy and snotty. Not cute. But THANKS!

Katie said...

Looks scrumptious. Love the purple layers. Glad it is not nearby to tempt me.

Susan said...

This one looks awesome! I even said so on Debbie's blog before I knew it was yours! I love it!

Smithy said...

looks good, save me a small piece :)

Jessica said...

check out for the next big thing in the world of cake need to buy the big new cricut cakes when you can use the one that is already out there. Linda McClure's cakes are awesome and I LOVE her DVD's.

James said...

Good book. I had way too much cake last week with Elizabeth's birthday, though. Someone else will have to sacrifice and take one for the team. Look at all that chocolaty yumminess!

Olivia Carter said...

Kaite- Yes, it's just sitting in my kitchen mocking me.

Susan- Thanks, wish I had time to do something more but needed to get it done pronto.

Smithy- You got it! A small piece (ie half a cake?)

Jessica- Thanks for the link!

James- I won't disclose how many containers of frosting it took to frost (4 1/2) It would have been more but I filled it with pudding rather than frosting.

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

you have to make me this cake + mail it to me for my birthday! don't worry, it's not til november. :) I LOVE THE PURPLE! way to go, liv.

Kristal said...

ya... I can't really say no to cake. But my mom always makes home made chocolate cake and she uses whole wheat and applesauce instead of oil, and it's pretty sticken good! Even just using applesauce instead of oil in cake mixes doesn't change the flavor, and makes it tons healthier!

(sorry to get all health major on you... but your healthly food posts have just got me thinking!)

Esther Noelle said...

Can't believe you made that! Wow! ;)