Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DAVIN CD: trampoline sleepovers

The first CD I got from the CD exchange was from Davin (an old Layton friend).

It was in a great CD cover & was a nice little mix of different types of music- old, new, well known, more obscure (want to see some more of his music taste visit here). Great mix & enjoy some of Davin's art here.

1. Goodbye Sadness by Astrud Gilberto
2. Tell It To The Volcano by Miniature Tigers
3. You Fall by Jason Anderson
4. Half A Person by The Welcome Wagon
5. Laisse Tombeur Les Files by France Gall
6. I'm A Little Airplane by Jonathan Richmand
7. When I Wake by The Changes
8. I Can't Go For That by Hall & Oats
9. True Affection by The BLOW
10. It Never Entered My Mind by Stan Getz
11. I Felt Your Shape by The Microphones
12. Person Person by Mirah
13. Mama, You Been On My Mind by Jeff Buckley
14. Come, Come Ye Saints by David Johansen
15. If I Go, I'm Goin' by Gregory Alan Isakov
16. Homesick by Kings of Convenience
17. Howlin' At The Moon by Hank Williams
18. Catfish & Carp by Jonny Cohen
19. Baby, Let's Play House by Elvis Presley
20. Happy Boy by Beat Farmers
21. Talkin' Hava Negeliah by Bob Dylan
22. I Saw Reflections by Little Wings
23. Cool It Now by New Edition
24. On The Way by Tom Arico
25. Haunted House by Dennis Driscoll
26. Don't Let the Sund Go Down on Your Grievances by Dan Johnston

Anyone recognize & love any of the songs or musicians/bands Davin put on his mix?

P.S. Click on the links to hear a couple of my favs!


DAViN said...

hurray! what a great mix i made for you :) Tom Arico is absolutely terrible, but thats why i like it.

Olivia Carter said...

DAVIN- No, seriously, I almost wrote something on the blog post about that song. Because as I was listening I was like, "What the heck is this?!?" HA!

Merf said...

i'm a total 'top 40's' junkie---so the Hall & Oates brought back good memories!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Uhm can I have mine back to try again? Dang it I want a redo. I want to make it all purrty and stuff and give it a cute name. Davin did a great job on his.

dede said...

I love, love, love the mini tigers! I made my valentines mix and they made the cut with one of their other songs that I love. I am going to be posting this year's v-day mix on my blog very soon so you should check it out!

monica said...

well i just listened to every song on that list(well minus the 2 i couldnt find) sounds like an awesome mix cd!

my personal favorites is the New Edition song...i mean REALLY?

Skylar said...

That really puts my computer printout track list + broken (pink!!) jewel case to shame. If Debbie gets I redo I want one too!

Anonymous said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love that there's an Elvis song in the mix.

DAViN said...

hurray! i love making mixes. i just made another one for another friend entitled "Terrible Music" it was great.