Monday, February 1, 2010

Hair Flair Winner!

I know, we are a terribly cool family & we're here to announce the hair lovely winner....

And since the kids didn't really feel like holding still & you can't read it... It's Sara the Red! Hip-hip!

Who I didn't realize right away but I've actually met at a lovely lunch I tagged along to with some writers. So fun! Email me with your address & I'll send the pretty along.

If you didn't win but want one head on over to Lola's Lovely's & email Susan about getting your hands on one!


Susan said...

Ha ha! I love it! You guys ARE COOL! :)

Smithy said...

boo I never win! ps. love how berto looks like he's in agony yet Syd is rockin' the star glasses and looking incredibly hip.

Susan said...

I can totally see Syd rocking this dress:

We should do the "Celebrate the boys" tutorials this month!

See you tomorrow???

Susan said...

I also think we should try our hands at this little lovely: