Monday, March 22, 2010

70 Million by Hold Your Horses

My dad sent me a link to this music video & I fell in love.

I love the song & love the nod to famous works of art (you all know me & art history).

Seriously so clever.

WARNING: Maybe not for work viewing- there's nothing bad but a couple naked dudes with strategically placed items covering them up. Hilarious but, you know, in that "yuk" sort of way.


M said...

I love it!! This demonstrates exactly a concept we've been discussing in one of my classes. I'm going to share it with them.

Audra said...

This is like... the best ever! The music and the video is right up my ally. And I must say I like that they included the nipple pinching.

Three Kids and a Mommy said...

I love it! Also a huge art history fan here (my best AP test ever!). I think the Klimt was my fav. Though I have to say I have no idea what they were talking about, lyrics-wise. Did he like the maternity dress or not? Not sure.

monica said...