Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Healthy Recipe: Asparagus French Bread Pizza

1. Assemble ingredients

1 cup diced asparagus
1 cup dice roma tomatoes
1 cup diced red peper
1 TBS miced garlic
1 loaf french bread (from the bakery I got a whole wheat bread)
1 cup pizza sauce
1 cup low fat mozzerella cheese
(NOTE: I didn't follow these amounts at all. I just got a bunch of each and piled them on & I added fresh ground pepper)

2. Line baking sheet with foil, spray with canola oil spray and lay down thickly sliced bread

3. Spread on pizza sauce

4. In a bowl mix asparagus, tomatoes, red pepper, & garlic- toss till coated

5. Put heaping amounts on the bread and sprinkle with cheese

6. Bake in 400 degrees till brown (8-10 min) & enjoy!

I loved this recipe because it's got TONS of fresh veggies that are only baked quickly so they are crunchy. It's a strong taste but my kids LOVED it. We had extras that I ate the next day & they kept really well too.


Real Life Reslers said...

That looks so good! I am having gallbladder troubles right now but as soon as this is over I am going to have to try some of the great recipes I've seen.

Joan said...

I love your healthy recipe ideas. These pizzas look DELISH.
Question: you have an alphabet poster on an old post (baby things you like). Where did you find it? Do tell :)

Olivia Carter said...

Joan- The cute alphabet poster was actually on the main page of etsy the other day. So cute, huh? I have a link on the post & here's the link too:

Susan said...

You are KILLING me here!