Sunday, March 7, 2010

You're got QUESTIONS & I've got ANSWERS

Okay, so I tried replying to every comment you guys leave but I was having a rough time keeping up.

But I do want a good way to connect with you. So, if you have a question about a post go ahead & ask me like normal in the comments.

I'll write back to you in the comments section but I'll also reply to an email if you have your email listed on your blogger account.

Or if you want you can email me with any questions:

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!


Cindy said...

Hey Liv... please email me about Tahoe, I haven't heard from you! I'm going to try and get a group together by the end of the month. YES! There is a Mikuni there!! We were SO tempted to eat there!

Kristal said...

Okay, so I'm pretty sure you guys are online right now but not on skype. Its like you don't even want to talk to us!