Friday, March 26, 2010

REVIEW: How to Train Your Dragon

Smithy called me up last night to ask me if the kids & I wanted to join her for How to Train Your Dragon. We were planning on seeing it already because one of Scott's family friends Matt Paulson was the modeling supervisor for the movie.

The kids were so excited. I happened to have bought a stuffed animal of a dragon from the movie for Syd's knight birthday party so we brought the guy along for the ride.

Popcorn & a drink in hand we loved the movie. It had tons of action, flying, funny moments for the adults, & a great message.

Sydney's one complaint was that the girl in the movie didn't ride a dragon soon enough (yes, I'm raising a feminist).

Rob's complaint had nothing to do with the movie. He was mad that "Conkie" their imaginary friend wasn't sitting by him (how on earth do I respond to that?)

All in all it was a great movie- a little bit intense & maybe a tad scary but still so fun!


Smithy said...

thanks for going! No way I could've talked Mikes into seeing that one with me... love how we all look a little crazy in the photo

My Mercurial Nature said...

It looks like a cute movie, but I have to admit, the best part of the review was about "Conkie"! Too funny!

Susan said...

Do you think it's too scary for Ez?

Merf said...

ace and i saw it today in our traditional "dad is out of town lets see an animated movie" ritual. i really enjoyed the animation---story-line was pretty predictable---except at the end---that was a heart-tug (no spoiler here)---we both enjoyed it....dont know that it is a 'buyer'===but it was well-done.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Sounds like a great outing. I'm excited to take my family!

Katie said...

So did you not see in 3-D? (I notice the kids aren't wearing glasses). I want to take Colin and Gabe to see it over spring break but I know the 3-D would freak Gabe out, while Colin would love it, so I am up in the air about which do to.

I am glad to hear it was good. Looks like a fun trip the movies.

Olivia Carter said...

Katie- No we didn't see it 3-D there's no way Berto would wear the glasses and it would have been a VERY intense 3-D for them.