Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rob's Suit

Our conversation Sunday morning:
ME: "Look at Rob's new Easter suit."
SCOTT: "Whoa.. Rob's in his PIMP suit."
ROB: "We're going swimming?"
*blank stare from us*
SCOTT: "Um.. no we're going to church?"
ME: "Oh! Not swimsuit. Pimp suit."
ROB: "Oh..."
*one disappointed kid*

I got 2 emails asking about Berto's suit &, seriously people, it's a really great suit. The kid in it makes the suit... but the suit is still really cute.

It's from Target. I got it just recently (& on sale) so it should still be there. There were a couple other outfits & Easter is a premium time to get those hard to find boys church clothes.



okay seriously that is so cute! I didn't see that at our target in Boise though. I would have snatched that cute little suit right up!!!

Katie said...

Cute conversation! I saw it at Target the other day and thought it looked great! Looks even better on Rob.

Susan said...

I LOVE that suit! So suave! Very nice! :)

brooke said...

my kids totally would have thought we said swimsuit too! My kids repeat too much to say pimp... rory would probably say something about a pimp in testimony meeting.
cute suit!!!