Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skylar CD: Yellow with Hints of Pink

Skylar is my dads partners niece. I know, hows that for 5 degrees of separation?

She's an awesome girl & though we've only hung out a few times over the years, every time I get to chat with her I love it. She's also on a roller derby team in LA & I love following her adventures via Facebook.

Her CD was just as fabulous as she is & I have to admit I'd never heard of most of the groups. Thanks for the CD love:

1. Furr - Blitzen Trapper
2. The Bird and the Bee - Ray Gun
3. Andrew Bird - Fitz and the Dizzyspells
4. Bow in the Middle - Rosebuds
5. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend - Black Kids
6. 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
7. Andy Sings! - The Henry Clay People
8. Wallflower - Pricilla Ahn
9. Knotty Pine- Birty Projectors and David Byrne
10. Wild Sage- The Mountian Goats
11. Wicked Blood - Sea Wolf
12. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchelle
13. Forever- Walter Meego
14. Leap Year - Port O'Brien
15. It's True- New Buffalo
16. Animal - Mike Snow
17. Hands in Pockets - Laura Gibson
18. California One/Ask - Colin Meloy

Joni Mitchelle is about the only one I've heard of. I'm so not hip, you guys. But I have a couple here that are new favs!

Anyone know & love any of theses songs/groups?


Shauna said...

i am a big fan of Seawolf and the Bird and the Bee.

also Priscilla Ahn has the prettiest voice.

good cd

Crafty Debbee said...

I'm with you...I only know Joni Mitchell. I will check out some of these artists on Itunes. I love the new music of today.

DAViN said...

looks like a great mix-a-roo

Emma-Jayne said...

oo gotta love some Noah and the Whale. Have that song stuck in my head now. Which is better than the hannah montana "ice cream freeze" that had been swimming about my greystuff earlier...

tom + lisa said...

um, can i just say your hair looks fabulous my dear! love the length, the cut, the bangs, it's all so perfect for you. i need someone to work their magic on me like that!

Kristal said...

I also love your hair! It's getting so long! I'm excited to actually be able to do my hair like that, with the long, loose curls.

monica said...

that IS a good one.
i LOVOOVE blitzen trapper and that furr song is one of my favorites. i love dirty projectors, sea wolf and miike snow
awesome mix, you are getting hipper everyday!