Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sydney's special Lindsay date

Auntie Linds invited Sydney on a dinner & Disney on Ice date all by herself. She seriously felt like such a big girl & talked about it all day.

Thank you Auntie Linds for making a little princesses day!

P.S. Since Berto stayed home & was totally confused as to where Syd was we took him on a little daddy/mommy date to Target so we could play & he could pick out a gift for Syd's birthday.


Emma-Jayne said...

Hope syd had a lovely tme. Loving the princess skirt and baseball shoe look. adorable.

Ashley said...

So fun! I need a friend like that to spoil my kids :)

Joan said...

What an amazing Auntie...Syd's a lucky little lady.
Those IKEA easels are amazing!
Ps: I commented on the Eclipse trailer post :)

Esther Noelle said...

That Lindsay is the best!

And it's probably good for Rob to have some one on one time with you! How fun!

Smithy said...

Syd looks adorable with her little purse

Em and Russ said...

Lindsay, can you be my auntie and take me out to dinner and Disney Princess on ice?

Cindy said...

Lindsay is just great!! I bet that sweet little Syd just loves her!!

P.S. Those cute converse that Sydney is wearing, I bought some for Kate that will fit her in like 2 years!! I couldn't pass em up when they were on sale a few weeks ago at Target! And my mother in law just bought the black ones for Jack! Love those converse! I want a pair for myself, they have always looked SO dang cute on you!