Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing links & a Writing update


Great article on: Why are you writing?
WriteReviews: Cranberryfries has a contest to encourage reviews (ENDS TODAY!)
Brodi Ashtons post: Being Empowered by the Odds in Publishing
Rejection Lessons from AmericanIdol from Market My Words Blog
A great post from author Elana Johnson about Overcoming Self-Doubt


I've had a people ask about my writing. I put away the story I worked on last year & got completely stuck on at the end of Oct (I haven't trashed it for those that did read pieces of it & want to know what happened. It's just in a drawer taking a break).

Last time I didn't really plot my story out. I just kind of wrote by the seat of my pants. It was a good way to get started writing but it meant the story went NO WHERE.

So, this time...

I have a whole storyboard with everything LOOSELY plotted out (wow, what a difference a plot makes!). I started March 1st & my word count it 4,756. I'll keep you guys updated on progress but at least I got over the hump. Oh happy day!

Who else is writing out there? Tell me how its going for you! What works for you? I could seriously talk writing forever. No joke. Just ask my long-suffering husband. He knows more than he ever cared to about writing.


Esther Noelle said...

Ha ha, that's how I feel about talking about birth stories and TTC and stuff! Ahh.... too bad I'm not a writer but I like to listen to YOU talk about your ideas! And we can't do EVERYTHING together I guess... ;) But we still like to include each other in our other things which is good. So happy you're enjoying writing this one! But still want you to finish the first one! I hate cliff hangers! come on!

Mike Kessler said...

I remember years ago I had scriptwriting software that had a storyboarding thing built into it. It was basically just like your bulletin board with index cards but in computer form. I'll look around and see if I can find it. The way you're doing it now may work best, but I know there were occasionally a few advantages to the computer version.

Jessica said...

Aside from finding time in a busy household, what is the most difficult aspect of writing to you? I'm interested in starting writing. I always seemed to do well with it in school, but it was usually essays as opposed to creative writing, which I would like to get more in to.

Smithy said...

sharing with others helps big time - i still think you should post your homework assignment that you read out loud at that event

Olivia Carter said...

Esther- I know! I now know TONS of into of getting preggers and birthin' the babies. You may have even swayed me a bit closer to natural birth.

Mike- Thanks for the email with all the info. I'm going check one out and see how it works. Thanks!

Jessica- Finding time is the hardest FOR SURE. I think the next hardest is just starting. A lot of times I want to sit and write and can't wait for a chance to sit and do it & other times I have to approach it like a job. I HAVE to sit down and get 1,000 words out. EMAIL ME: and let's email chat about getting started. I have SO MUCH to say about it! And you TOTALLY should to it!

Smithy- Err... Maybe I'll get up the guts... someday. :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Thanks for the linky!

I love love that bulletin board. It just looks so lovely!

Emma-Jayne said...

AH must try the bulletin board. so obvious, why did i not think of this? now maybe one or two of my writings may actually go somewhere instead of floating about running round in circles.
My other half is learning more about writing than he thought he ever would. bless!!!