Saturday, April 24, 2010

Capturing their lil Personalities

I am so blessed to have two very sweet, but very different babies. There are things that definitely make them siblings: they make the same jokes, say the same weird "Carter-isms", even have similar facial expressions.

But at their core they are very different souls.

One of my favorite aspects of photography is capturing how different they are.

Syd loves attention. She seeks it out and relishes when she's in the thick of it. She's girly in a way I never really remember being. She loves all things pink and frilly. But she also likes to play with the boys, though not get dirty. She has an intensely artistic side and is completely self centered. She loves potty jokes & eats meat like it going out of style.

My Berto Bear covers his eyes when people are looking at him. He is very sensitive to peoples feelings & will sacrifice so that others are happy. But he's also extremely aggressive, like a little tank. He will bowl you over if you get in his way. His sense of humor is very dry & subtle. We often don't even realize when he's joking until he cracks a smile.

P.S. Another example is the picture from the Dora post. Syd is sitting dramatically distraught while Berto climbs miles above her unafraid of falling. But they both sure like being naked!


Smithy said...

those pictures capture them perfectly. i love Syd's crazy hair

Susan said...

Oh Liv, I love this post so much! The pictures are GORGEOUS. You don't give yourself enough credit with your photography. I love that picture of Syd! Berto, he's so quiet and thoughtful in his. It is just so perfect.

I love the contrast between the two of them, and I love how much you appreciate those differences and recognize that it's those things that makes them so unique and beautiful.

You are such a great person, and I love that I get to hang out with you!


simply beautiful! I would love for you to be my number one link up on my purse party! I'd love to see what you got for a purse, and whats in it.. Weird.. Of course.. thats me!

Kristal said...

wowza! love the pictures! and it is funny to see how little kids can be and still have their very own personality!

Audra said...

Wow, Syds picture is amazing! And I have 7 kids and NONE of them are alike. The biggest difference is the difference between Jovie and Callie. 3 months apart but COMPLETELY different kids.

Esther Noelle said...

AHHH Love these pics of them! Both so perfect. Really. And love that they both sure do like to be naked! Ha ha!!!!!

Cindy said...

LOVE these pictures!! I especially love the one with Syd! SO adorable!! The lighting is just amazing!