Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music I Like: MATT & KIM

I'm always in the market for new happy songs. And the band, MATT & KIM fits the bill. Not only are their songs catchy & fun but they look like they are having a blast while they play.

I am in love with this song...

P.S. If you liked that song check out this song Yeah, Yeah. Genius music video.


Just SO said...

That is a way fun song!

Lyric said...

I like it!

Audra said...


Here are some ditties you might enjoy (funny fun stuff... not for everyday listening, but good every now and then for a good giggle):

Jonathan Coulton (re: Your Brains):

My personal Favorite:
Jonathan Coulton (I feel fantastic):

Smithy said...

thought i would like it but didn't. and the girl had the same smile on her face the entire time.

Leah said...

It's so odd, but there's something about those two names. My sister-in-law (Kim) has dated multiple Matt's (we just call them all Matt now for ease), and my best friend (Kim also) is engaged to a Matt. And now there's this band?? How do Kims and Matts find each other like that?