Wednesday, May 12, 2010

REVIEW: Pretzel M&M's

Lest some of you think I've giving up on my blog let me set the record straight. I just had back-to-back sick babies & now I'm ill (it's sort of like the dreaded "Yellow Fever-ish illness of '08")

And since my fever induced semi-delirium is blocking most of my mental faculties I'm going to tell you guys about the Pretzel M&Ms I tried the other day. Hopefully it will make sense.

Let me start by saying my views might be tainted by the fact that I don't generally like pretzels. Drenched in 8 layers of chocolate I like them, but these suckers were a tad too much pretzel & too little chocolate. Plus they were a large round shape. Like a whopper.

My vote: Not so much a fan

P.S. Want to know my feelings on other M&M flavors here: Strawberried Peanut M&Ms, Coconut M&Ms, & Wild Cherry M&Ms.


Lydia Kang said...

Oh, I was sick recently too! Can you get viruses blogging? I wonder.
Glad you are feeling better. I may have to try these treats. I like a high salt:sweet ratio.

Katie said...

UGH. Hope you feel better soon. No fun taking care of kiddos when you are sick.

I am a big chocolate and pretzel fan. Shout out to Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby!

Dawn said...

Love pretzels. Love M&M's. Loved the combination. The coconut ones are also nice. Peanut Butter ones are my favorite, but these pretzel yummies come in a close second.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about sweet and salty together. I will have to give these a try. I hope the whole fam feels better soon.

Liv said...


Seriously. Never tried the coconut. Never tried minty ones. Never even heard of these pretzel ones.

Silver Strands said...

good to know. I'm not a pretzel fan either, but this past Christmas my friend dipped fat hard pretzel sticks into carmel, let it harden, then dipped them in chocolate, let it set, dipped again in both and covered in nuts. HOLY COW ... those were yummy!

Farina said...

i got these the other week b/c i love chocolate covered pretzels. but i agree - don't love the m&m version

Susan said...

Those actually sound amazing.