Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rob's Birthday List

I've had a couple people ask about the "Berto Birthday List". Sorry it's belated:

1) We bought Berto a little Spiderman playset & these are some of the 6 inch characters that fit with the set. He'd go WILD for one of these but they are HARD to find! (like this guy or this guy)
2) Berto loves Playmobils but he's not great about playing with the full sets. I think he might just like a bunch of smaller "figure" sets to play with. (like these & these)
3) My mom bought Berto this little Batman "bat cave" set from Imaginext so any of the Batman toys in the Imaginext line that go with it would be great.
4) Boy books. We have lots of girl ones & some gender neutral ones but he'd LOVE some boy-ish books.
5) In the "action figure" section there are these mini figures- usually 2 in a set, sometimes more- its one of the first things he reaches for at the store. He'd go crazy for a couple sets of these (they come in "Spiderman & Friends", "IronMan" & "Batman" & there are tons)
6) Rob doesn't really need a lot of clothes but some really cure shirts are always welcome. He's 4T.


brooke said...

spencer's list is pretty similar, but with Mario and SOnic!

Cindy said...

Those look like fun things! Jack likes the action figures too but we just got him a couple new Thomas videos for our LONG trip and since we've been back he's been playing with the trains non stop ( I thought he was growing out of them...).