Friday, June 18, 2010

Pigeon Names & Writing

So, I've been writing a story & recently introduced a character that has a pigeon as a pet.
That talks.
Like a parrot.
Trust me, in the story it's not weird.

Anyway, I needed it to have a startling/funny/ironic/creepy name. I've been wracking my brain but nothing came, so I just passed by it and wrote "#FUNNY NAME FOR PIGEON#" & figured I'd come back to it.

Last night I felt awful & I super-duper drugged myself with NyQuil (that means taking both tablets- I have strong reactions to drugs).

In the middle of my drug induced sleep I had this burst of inspiration. A pigeon appeared to me and I just KNEW what it's name was.

I sat up and wrote it down, sure that THIS was THE name.

When I woke up this morning I looked at the piece of paper.

It said BETHANY.

True story.

I'm still sitting here thinking, "Is Bethany some how a stroke of subtle genius & it's somehow really funny but I just don't know it?"

I'll admit the rest of the story isn't subtle whatsoever. So maybe... just maybe... this is supposed to be the name.

Bethany. The talking pigeon. What do you guys think?


Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops said...

That is really really really funny.

Meagan Brooks said...

I thinking stroke of genius... ;)

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

it's not crazy. the bethany i know would probably be honored for your pigeon to have the same name.

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

i wouldn't rule it out, is what i'm sayin haha ;)

Smithy said...

If it came to you in your drug-induced state, i think it's meant to be.

Buck Jeppson said...

Genius. Inherited.

Em and Russ said...

I laughed so hard when I read that. All I could think of was Scott telling us about you before we met you and . . . you know the rest of the story :)

Susan said...

Olivia... I think it's a bit funny. I think it just might work. ha ha. :) Is this the same story you've been working on for a while? If everything is super fantastical, perhaps an ordinary name like Bethany would be awesome.

April Carter said...

I laughed out loud too. Because we ALL know what Bethany you were thinking about. This is SOOOO funny. But I think you can come up with a better name for your story. Bethany the talking pigeon sounds like a really good childrens book you could write.

M said...

Sometimes the less-exotic names are the best and funniest for off-the-wall characters, b/c you don't expect them. Like naming your pet "Bob." Who names their pet Bob? The mis-match makes it funny every time.

Besides, who are you to argue with the drugs?

Kristie said...

I was waiting for some sort of build up, like a really wierd foreign name or something like that. And then you said Bethany. And I think it would be perfect! Go with it. If you end up not liking it, you can always change it, right?

Christie said...

We talked about naming Elizabeth Bethany.

Audra said...

I like it... for some really weird reason it just seems "right". Go for it!