Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swim Lessons with Annie

One of my biggest fears is Syd or Rob drowning. I mean, even in 1 inch bathwater. The kids are 3 and 4 for goodness sake! So, with all the swimming we do it seemed that swim lessons only seemed logical.

Enter Annie.

Annie is the sister to my sister-in-law Kristal, so in my book that makes you family. But let me say, when it comes to my babies and water it doesn't matter if you're family. I'm particular.

But we're in week two of lessons & I can't believe how well they are doing. Especially Rob. He screamed & cried the first day I stuck him in there. Now, he jumps into her with only a minor look over his shoulder (trust me this is progress).

She's an awesome teacher with TONS of experience. The kids love her. And the private pool she teaches them at is lovely and includes a "be-good-in-the-lesson-&-you-get-t0-slide" slide.

Check out Annie's blog. She's got great prices and has openings through the summer. Give her a call and tell her Berto sent you.


Lux Lady... said...

It's great you are doing this! My mother made sure to get us swimming very early, and it's really a priceless gift--I am amazed that there are still many adults out there who can't swim, so good for you for teaching them early!

Katie said...

I loved hearing the pictures of the kids, but I must admit that I was very distracted by the green mountain in the background. I always loved to see them in the early summer, before they got dried up.

Seriously though, that is awesome that Rob will jump in like that now. I wish someone could get Gabe to do that. Maybe this will be the summer. Ollie on the other hand....needs to learn a little fear of the water. He already jumps in like that.

Holly said...

Wish she lived in DC!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. We're looking into swimming lessons here for Little Man.

lindsey said...

Lily has no fear of the water and never has... she jumped in like that when she was less than a year old. Seth has already dunked Mayan.. (and she liked it) we start them young :) thats great that she is so good with the kids. I know some people try to force it on them a little too much.

Susan said...

Dang! That looks so fun! I wish we could afford her! That would be awesome. I bet Ezra would love it! In fact, I know he would.