Thursday, August 19, 2010

REVIEW: Au Naturale

While visiting Smithy she took the kids & I to this fabulous place called AU NATURALE in Salt Lake City.

It's basically marketed as healthy natural fastfood. It even has a drive-thru & I have to say it was light, fresh, & yummy. The baked sweet potato fries are to die for.

But my favorite part was the ketchup. I know crazy, but it was fresh. It's like they crushed tomatoes & made it in the back. I NEVER knew that ketchup could taste so good.

Has anyone else had fresh ketchup? It's amazing huh?


Real Life Reslers said...

It sounds really good! We need something like that in my town. The only healthy option here is subway. Speaking of subway....I think that's what we're having for dinner.

Smithy said...

i love how crazy i look compared to berto's very nonchalant facial expression

Brianna! said...

I just LOVE ketchup in general,
So I cant even IMAGINE how much I would love REAL REAL ketchup!
I must try some


Katie said...

Not long ago a healthy eatery brought samples over to our YMCA. Looked a lot like this food and it was very tasty. I especially liked their sweet potato chips.

Holly said...

Never had fresh ketchup, but baked sweet potato fries are a weekly part of my cooking repertoire. YUM!