Saturday, September 18, 2010

FOUND: Fabulous Fabrics

A hectic 9 pm visit to an awfully crowded WalMart did prove to be fruitful.

Look at the lovely (& very, very cheap) clearance fabric I found:

I envision making some baby swaddle blankets out of it.

Okay, fine I'm a tiny bit baby hungry.


lindsey said...

The recent posts on Katie and Ashley's blogs probably aren't helping much are they? Great fabric! I love a nice big light weight baby blanket. I found 4 for 5 bucks when I was pregnant with Mayan and they are all I use. Make sure you make them at least 40 x 40.

Kristie said...

I love the fabrics! I found some at the walmart I go to, so cute. They had a green one with sparkles on it, that I thought would be perfect for an Ariel costume, but I couldn't justify it, especially when I don't know if my kids will want to be Ariel.
Please post about what you do with the cute fabrics. I would love to see what other people do!

Em and Russ said...

We are baby hungry for you too!!!! Okay and for us!!!!

Katie said...

Waaaaaaah! None of the Walmarts here have fabric anymore. No fair! That fabric looks perfect for swaddling babies!

To answer your question from the other day: Not sure yet if I can going to go to Nana's birthday. If I do, it will just be me. I really should make a decision soon!

Christie said...

We only have one Wal-Mart in our area (that I've found) that still has fabric, and not much there. Probably best for me, though, becasue when I see fabric for $1/yard I buy!

April Carter said...

I am baby hungry for You, Em & Kristal...maybe not Marlena (: But the more the merrier