Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvey & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea

This is totally weird, but been looking for a nice warm drink for when I write. I have this theory that if I drink the same thing every time I write that when I drink it, then it will automatically remind me I'm supposed to be writing (Pavlov's Dog, anyone?)

Anyway, at Barnes & Noble the other day I saw a lovely tin of Peppermint Herbal Tea. I'm not one that loves anything minty in anything but my gum, toothpaste, & my Girl Scout cookies.

But this stuff is amazing. Warm, but cool down your throat, tasty, & it makes your breath smell lovely.

Come on by the Carter house & we'll make ya some!


Christie said...

My husband swear by peppermint tea for a tummy ache.

Smithy said...

i love peppermint tea. can't wait to try it.

Kristal said...

Your hair looks sooo long, I'm super jealous, my hair seems to have hit its max length.

I can't say that sounds good, but hey, if you didn't like peppermint stuff and you liked this then maybe I would too!

April Carter said...

I see a ladder in the background...looks like progress. Wish I could be there to help. I want to see that attic!

Em and Russ said...

My mom would always give us peppermint tea for a stomach ache. I really like peppermint tea. I want to come over and try it, it just seems like all my life is booked, especially my limited time away from work.

I TOTALLY need to find a way to get down to Utah. Miss you guys.


Susan said...

I love me some peppermint tea! :)

Crazy Sugar Daisy said...

The Harney & Sons people should be sending you an endorsement check soon. After you recommended this I couldn't get it off the brain. I went and got some and you were so right. Super. Delicious.