Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pretty Pink Outdoors

Can I say, that this is what I want to do with the outside of our house. Just look at this plan from Making It Lovely (a lovely blog, by the way) for the outside of her house.

Before & After. How cute it that?!? I mean, really, it's like art but with plants. I love it.

Then look at how they decorated their front porch. I mean, that pink patio set alone is enough to make me swoon. Seriously could you just die!

And while I've been pontificating about the gorgeous light pinks & light greens I saw this on Bleubird Vintage (another great blog). Oh. My. Heck. That's all I can say about that.

So, I haven't even mentioned this to Scott for fear he'll just laugh. Which I can't really blame him for... if he told me he wanted huge bronze sculptures of deer & eagles outside our house I'd hands-down refuse.


Em and Russ said...

Sorry to say, but WAY too much pink!!!! Just one person's opinion. But it's not just because I am a guy.

Shauna said...

i LOVE that pink walkway

April Carter said...

I do love the pink...but not sure the pink side walk would be that great at your place...but it might. But look at that green lawn. How fun for some creative people.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh My.. I am in love with the first house. I really, really need that patio set! Like, really.