Friday, September 10, 2010

REVIEW: Kangaroo Zoo

Has anyone heard of Kangaroo Zoo? Esther invited the kids & I to go today and, goodness, it's basically a kids paradise.

It's a big warehouse filled with tons of those huge blow up bounce houses & slides. For the moms there are comfy couches & free wi-fi. And there are no shoes allowed in most of the building & that somehow makes everything feel more casual.

They came home worn out, but happy little clams.

P.S. You can print a coupon off here.


Esther Noelle said...

Yay it was so fun! The whole no outside food or drink thing though is good to remember - definitely need to eat a more substantial meal next time and maybe go a little earlier so Robby doesn't poop out! Can't believe you guys stayed that long!

Ashley said...

I need somewhere like this to go to during the winter! Roy and I always talk about getting a house with a huge finished basement and putting s swing set and bounce house in there :)

brooke said...

looks like fun, I think I'd have a blast there too!

Susan said...

This place looks amazing, and might possibly be Ezra's heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

We have a place like that here, but there's no couches and no wi-fi. That sounds awesome.