Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yup, they love the pumpkins THAT much

9am at the Carter breakfast table:

ME: "Hey guys, what do you want to do this morning?"
SYD: "I think my pumpkin needs to go on a walk."
ME: "A walk?"
ROB: "Yes" (Rob nods as if he & Syd have totally discussed this) "With our strollers."

I'm not one to question an activity that the kids agree on, keeps them entertained & is relatively painless for me. So, off we went, both pumpkins safely strapped into the kids baby strollers.
We ran into a neighbor, who incidentally is Rob's Sunday School teacher. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Which I am, 'cause I'll admit it was pretty fun. This is what we looked like:


Natalie said...

Haha! That is awesome! I love that they play together and have a good time! Your kids are just cute!

Emma-Jayne said...

so cute, and I used to think my lil sis was crazy for putting thumps (the family's pet giant rabbit) in her baby stroller and taking it for a walk.

Malea said...

Ha! Your kids are so cute, Olivia. They have such wonderful imaginations and take such joy in the simple things of life...just like a good mommy I know!

Smithy said...

oh man. i love this. hope i get to meet these pumpkin friends before they start to rot.

April Carter said...

I wish we all had kids imaginations. I would be taking my laundry on a stroll to the neighbors house. My grandkids are the BEST!

Liv said...

Another friend posted her son pushing his pumpkin around in a kid's shopping cart! Maybe b/c pumpkins are fat it looks like they need exercise?

hotpants™ said...

That's hilarious and awesome.

monica said...

so so cute. your kids are so spunky.