Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Big World Map

After trick-or-treating at Becca's house (& pretty much anytime we're over there) Syd & Rob are in love with this Big World Map they have on their wall.

It's a felt map & the back of each name plate & animal/people/food items has velcro so the kids can stick it to each country where they belong.

I can't even tell you how badly I want this for Syd & Rob. It's not cheap ($79.99) but I considered making one & I think it would be more in stress & supplies than buying one. Maybe next Christmas?


Liv said...

It might not be too hard if you didn't sew the whole thing. Have you thought about using a projector to trace the map on paper or as a wall mural?

You could use magnetic paint so that the kids could affix magnetic labels?

look at me, pretending like i'm a crafty person. HA!

M said...

That IS a great map. I'm a huge fan of maps, of all sorts. I think this would be a very worth-while investment, maybe as a Christmas gift from "Santa" (aka your friends, who each pitch in $10 to get it for you). Your kids would probably use it every day, it's very educational, and you could have it for years.

tom + lisa said...

i love these huge maps too!! maybe it'd make a great gift from the grandparents?? HINT TO ALL ROB AND SYD'S GRANDPARENTS!!

there, you can thank me later.


Kristal said...

That map is really cool, but very expensive... and I'm so cheap that even if I was oozing money, I couldn't spend 80 bucks on it. I'm with Liv, you could totally make this! I hadn't thought about a projector on the wall! Genius! You could probably borrow one from your ward library, and even trace it onto felt... felt is cheap!

Katie said...

Wow, I am in love with this map too. I want it for my play room, and I know my kids would love it. I am with Kristal - I am so cheap that I don't know if I could ever spend $80 on it. BUT if someone else were to buy it for my kids.....I might have to suggest this for Christmas.

Katie said...

This one isn't as big and isn't fabric, but it looks like something kids would still like: