Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Ideas

I've been working on Syd's Valentine's for her preschool class today & I keep thinking, "Why do I enjoy & feel the need to homemake candy & Valentines? Why didn't I buy a pack of My-Little-Pony's & call it good."

Still don't know what you are doing? Here are a couple ideas:

1. Fruit would be an awesome Valentine for me right now (curse, you healthy eating!) & these stickers are just plain GORGEOUS!

2. This is not just in NON-traditional colors, but with a NON-treat. I love it!

3. What does it mean that I want to wear this necklace just because it's beautiful. Can you believe it's made of gumballs?

4. Really different but fun windowed shaving cream Valentines.

5.Oh man, LOVE these i-pod candy valentines. Add your own songs to the list too!

6. Leave it to Martha to combine to of my favorite things: love notes & poker.


youwannawhat said...

I love the gumball necklaces too! What a great idea!

qui moi? said...

im not really sure what the point of the shaving cream is the other kid supposed to play with shaving cream? is it just for looks? hmm.

M said...

So cute! I love the fruit stickers--I think they're my faves.

Of course, my boyfriend is moving across the country right before Valentine's day--what a way to celebrate, eh? Bleh.

Anonymous said...

I saw the iPod valentines on Martha Stewart's website. I'm going to share the ones I made this week for Little Man's class. I'm so proud of myself because I actually crafted something up. :)