Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 star review: Anna & the French Kiss

I, 100%, did not expect to like Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I am not a fan of the title, the cover, or typically YA contemporary romance.

But, WOW, I was wrong... this book was just plain fabulous.
The writing.
The characters.
The dialogue.
But above all, the authors voice.

No need to take my word for it, NPR picked it as one of 2010 best teen reads & said, "This may be teen love, but it is true love, hard won, richly emotional & deeply felt- like the novel itself".

Plus you can go get a taste for the book by reading the first chapter here.

Oh, & it was Taylor Swift's recent airplane read.

I must always add a caveat for every 5 star book I recommend: it's NOT for everyone. It's a fluffy, simple story about falling in love. It's about relationships & people. If that doesn't sound interesting to you I totally get it: I felt the same way, but again I was wrong.

Any other fans of this lovely book out there?

P.S. I am so excited for her next book Lola & the Boy Next Door. Finally a YA book with a clean cut boy & "bad girl". I can't wait!


Malea said...

Was this a library find or does my favorite book lender have her own copy?!

Kristal said...

Ya, I agree with you on the title. You mentioned it awhile ago, and it sounded lame. I hate the word 'french kiss'

I'll definitely take your word on the awesomeness of this book, now getting through my pile of books before I can read it will be the problem.

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

thanks for the recommendation! you know i love anything paris. :) just added it to my digital download list!

Holly said...

Where did you find this? It got published all of 11 days ago! Loved the first chapter, though.

Katie said...

So funny that I should come to your blog today and find this because I just finished reading this book at 1 am this morning! Read it all in one day - loved it. It totally doesn't sound like a great book - sounds like your run-of-the-mill fluff, but it WASN'T. For me, the dialogue and characters just made the book. The characters were so believable, so likable (while still having flaws)....my heart was pounding for them. The feel of it reminded me so much of falling in love with Chad,(as a teenager, after being best friends for a year)...it was just very sweet for me.

BTW, the reason I read it was because I saw your goodreads recommendation, so thanks!

Hmm, maybe I will just use this comment for my goodreads review. I am so lazy.

Cami Walker said...

Just so you know, I totally use your blog to find books to read! So far you haven't led me wrong! Thanks Livvie!

qui moi? said...

i read the first chapter like you suggested...great! however you have to be sSOOO quick. the dialogue is so fast and i had to be careful not to miss anything. or maybe i was just reading it fast?

how do you feel about when books have pics of the 'characters' on the front? its hard for me because i dont want to picture a certain person...i like to make up my own face.

if i have room in my life moving to switzerland i want to get this so i can have a book to readdd. i just want to READDD. wait, maybe i should finish mockingjay first?? i cant decided. should i finish mockingjay??(i stopped to let my brother in law mark read it and then by the time i got it back i lost interest) so tell me if its worth finishing...i hear its not...

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

just finished it. it's fab.

reminds me a little of the 'fling' i had with a guy named mark when i was in paris, pre-franco. fun, fun! thanks, again! now on to mortal instruments 4!

Anonymous said...

I noticed it's getting a lot of great reviews on Goodreads. I've added it to my list.