Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference Weekend Fun!

Oh, how I love General Conference weekend! We spent the morning all snuggled up in bed & watching it on our laptop (thanks you, modern technology).

Then in between sessions we had a BLAST at Pirate Island Pizza- playing games, eating tasty food, & running off some energy.

Second session was spent cleaning out the garage/the cars while we listened on the radio (again, wow, modern technology).

What about you guys? Any fun plans with the rest of your weekend?

P.S. I had to share this one from today when President Thomas S. Monson spoke this (Sunday) morning:


Merf said...

i switched seasons (clothing) during saturday morning!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Amen for modern technology. Since we dont have tv we watched it online too and even listened on the radio while we drove up to my moms place.

Kristal said...

Hurray for conference! The YW all watched the saturday sessions together for a value project and it was fun!

Way to get yours kids into conference from a young age!

bryan said...

Every time President Monson came on the screen, Ezra asked if that was Heavenly Father. Either he's confusing who the prophet actually is, or he can tell they are one in purpose. :)

Susan said...

Bryan is me... :)