Saturday, April 9, 2011

In defense of Blockbuster

I love Blockbuster. IN. LOVE.

I know it's not popular- tons are shutting down. But here are a couple reasons why:

1) I just love the tactile experience of going through & touching, looking at & reading each movie.
2) I like to pick movies by their covers & the blurbs on the back.
3) Also, Scott & I love watching old movies & at Halloween we like to go through & watch all the good, old slasher movies.
4) We are impulsive people- when we get a hankering for a particular movie we want it NOW.
5) When Scott & I are excited for a movie we want to see it the day it comes out- none of this waiting for days & days to see it.

We occasionally rent from RedBox, but I'm not really impressed with their selection & we ALWAYS forget to return them right away.

Plus, take a gander at the kids section at Blockbuster vs. Redbox (100's vs 10):

Instead at Blockbuster we all left with exactly what we wanted:

Also, check out those prices. $1 for 3 day rentals for older movies/kid movies. 3 day rentals for popular/new movies- not too shabby.

What about you guys- any Blockbuster lovers out there?
What do you guys use?
What about Netflix streaming- do you wait for movies? Are there tons?

P.S. As I look through these reasons I think they are also why I like bookstores / owning books rather than an e-readers.


Christie said...

We get our kids movies from the library. Also, my MIL finds tons and yard sales for us.
James and I rarely watch movies these days. Get them from Redbox when we do. It's been years since we've stepped foot in Blockbuster, but I think part of that was living where we'd have to drive an hour, so it just wasn't feasible to rent movies.

Brittany said...

It's time for me to tell Blockbuster that I had a love affair with Netflix, and am leaving for good. Love Netflix, especially their instant streaming.

Natalie said...

I absolutely hate having to wait for new releases!! I love going to the movie store. It makes me sad that so many are closing!

Ashley said...

We don't have a movie rental place in town, so we only do Netflix. Occasionally I have to go to the city two days in a row, so I'll get a redbox movie on those days. Just this week I saw one of those Blockbuster kiosks for the first time but didn't have a chance to check it out.

When we lived in Kirksville we had a "movie gallery" (same as blockbuster or hollywood video) and we rented from there a few times - mostly 99 cent kid movies. But now we just use netflix watch instantly for kid movies - and we have a ton of them on VHS.

We never really know the actual release dates of popular movies - we just the release date of them on Redbox and Netflix, so we never feel like we are having to wait :)

Smithy said...

we loved walking down the street to our local blockbuster for movie nights until it shut down. since then netflix has been ok. love the online streaming but it's hard to browse and find something good

Lyric said...

I like Netflix for the "Watch Instantly" kids movies, too. I think you have to be really prepared though when a new movie comes out and add it to your queue in advance--and I am just not that with it! I forget to keep an eye on the new movies and then when a new one comes out, I want to watch it right away, not wait a couple days for it to come to the house!

Katie said...

We use "watch instantly" through Netflix a lot for the kids. We also have a media player/hard-drive set up to our TV that has a ton of kids movies on it. Our kids use that more than DVDs. I am like Ashley - I never know the real release date of movies. I just know when they come out with Redbox. We also have some of those Blockbuster kiosks up around town now. Our nearest Blockbuster is actually closing as I write this, but we haven't been there is a very long time.

I agree with you about e-readers, except if you like instant gratification they really are the way to go because you can have it within just a couple of minutes without leaving your house.

Kristie said...

We love Netflix. It is easy, especially when we travel. We can load up something for the kids to watch. We don't usually have to wait very long, 1-5 minutes max for a movie to load. (We do it thru our Wii.) Sometimes the movie will have to reload in the middle which is annoying, but it usually has to do with if we are on our laptop/computer while we are watching the movie. We also have very fast internet, so it usually isn't a problem.
Sometimes with Netflix it takes a while for them to get some movies you would think they would have. (Like lately we have wanted Couples Retreat, on instant play. But it is not there. And yet Grown ups is.) The one nice thing about where we live is we are about one city away from the big return place, so they get movies back to us fairly fast.
The other thing we like is no late fees. We are not good at returning things.
Oh, and I think I totally agree about the book thing. I would much rather own the book!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

i haven't stepped foot in a blockbuster in over a year! (gasp!) i love my netflix. i don't mind waiting for a movie, unless it's like harry potter but i'm just going to buy it the day it comes out anyway.

we don't buy a lot of dvds, either. when we do, we ditch the case and keep all the dvds in a big cd holder, though you better believe that i kept all of the gilmore girls boxes--franco loves all 7 of the bulky things on our shelf! (jk)

i'm leaning more and more towards e-movies and e-books. it's more about lack of space, and the fact that our computer IS our tv. and i don't have the $$ to buy real books--except for ones i KNOW will be worth buying and keeping.

but i'm not against blockbusters and bookstores--if i had a lot of money, i'd be in there a lot. it's just cheaper in the long run to do netflix and e-readers.