Monday, April 18, 2011

My little rainbow organizer

Syd is THE most organized/particular child I have ever met. Verging on OCD. Occasionally crossing the line into crazy territory.

This is her latest FAVORITE thing to do:

All the DVD stacked in rainbow order. It takes her a while & she passionately LOVES doing it. But she freaks out, screaming fit if they get messed up or out of order.

I know what some of you will say "She takes after you!" (here & here) but I can promise you guys the rainbow order for me is for looking pretty. For Syd it's purely organizational.

If I was half as organized/meticulous I'd probably get a whole lot more done.


Lindsay Jane said...

I knew Syd got something from me. :) My brain works like hers, but these days I don't often organize by color. I understand the freak out when something gets moved out of place, I've got my emotional expression under control but inside me there's the slightest panic attack when something I've worked on gets messed up. Have you seen my measuring cup/spoon drawer? Yeah, that's great evidence of how my brain works.

M said...

That's AWESOME! Maybe she can come organize my closet, books, DVDs.... The rainbow organization would look very pretty.

You should challenge her to re-organize them alphabetically or by category/genre. It could keep her busy for hours. Hee hee.

angela hardison said...

are you serious? man i hope my kids are like this. so awesome!

you're in rachel's writing group? that means i'm jealous because i haven't been able to read her book and i really, really want to. (and in reply to your comment - yep, she is crazy talented.)

Cindy said...

That is talent... and smarts! She is too cute! I'd love to have her come to my house and see what she can organize!

Smithy said...

cute - i can see why Rob teases her sometimes just to get a reaction out of her since she FREAKS out

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical.

Rachel+Co said...

this is AWESOME! a girl after my own OCD heart.