Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"All About Mom" by Syd

Syd filled this adorable sheet out at preschool for Mother's Day:
Aw, this sort of thing just melts my little heart.

And I actually feel like I'm 18 a lot of the time, but I RARELY wear eyeshadow, except maybe to church- which possibly why I look my prettiest on Sunday. Everything else is spot on, ha- except for the cleaning thing. That would be my LEAST favorite thing to do.


Katie said...

How, I love things like this. It is always so sweet to see ourselves through our children's eyes.

Gabe did a similar thing in preschool.. His said, "I love my mom because she lets me eat pizza. She buys me candy at the store." Oh my goodness Gabe, make me sound like slacker mom of the year! Pretty funny.

lindsey said...

I love these too. Lily brought home a "flower pot" that says "My mom is best at.. Playing with me". It made me happy because I love playing with her and I think it is important.

Esther Noelle said...

Aw that is so cute! It's so sweet to get something like that - not you asking her but hearing it just from her point of view as she told it to someone else. Love it. :) And that's so cute she said clean? You're funny!

Christina said...

That is so funny! I love that you are prettiest on Sundays.

(I'm a new follower!)

qui moi? said...

its funny what kids say...and how a lot of times they just remember one specific time you said something about eye shadow...or said something about cleaning...and then how they piece those things into likes and dislikes. its funny the things they remember and dont remember.